How to Understand (and Fix) HTML Errors

Now and again, you will be unable to get the right connect to a page to address the error. This may happen when another person connects to an off-base page on your site. At such occasions you may have a custom 404 error page.

What is a Custom 404 Error Page?

A custom 404 error page is a page that you plan and have on your site. This page will be indicated each time somebody attempts to get to a page that doesn’t exist on your site. You have total carefulness on how the custom 404 page can look. Consequently, you can venture to be innovative and plan your own custom 404 error pages for your site.

Highlights of a decent custom 404 error page:

• It ought to have the site’s overall look and feel.

• It should offer the guest a conciliatory sentiment for the error.

• It should connection to the sitemap.

• It should connection to the site’s landing page.

• It ought to likewise connection to other significant pages of the site.

• Whenever conceivable, a custom 404 error page ought to have a site search box. This will let guests search for different pages on the site.

How to construct a custom 404 error page?

When the custom 404 page has been planned, it should be transferred to the worker so the distinctive web indexes and programs partner the page with your webpage. For a Microsoft IIS Server, you have to open the web access supervisor. When that is opened, select “properties” and afterward from the rundown of radio tabs, select “Custom Errors”. When this is chosen, you have to look down the page till you get the record that is identified with your page. You can either alter that document itself or transfer another record.